"The life of on an actor is not Ryan Gosling’s day to day. And it hasn’t got a filter on Instagram with a chai tea latte highlighting lines"


A podcast for actors, by actors; The 98% explores what life is *really* like for the majority of actors and performers who, rather than trying to find an outfit for their next red carpet event, are trying to find a public toilet to use to change from their work clothes to an audition outfit in their lunch break on their 'paythebills' job. 

The podcast features anecdotes, interviews, rants, discussions, advice and tips through laughing, lamenting and talking openly and honestly about life in The 98%.

Hosted by Alexa Morden and Katie Elin-Salt



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Read Blog posts from Alexa and Katie, hosts of the podcast and also from guest bloggers; listeners of the podcast and other members of The 98%!

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Alexa and Katie provide a heart-warming, hilarious and much needed reality check for anyone trying to make it in the creative arts. The 98% is for everyone fighting the good fight and trying to make their way in the world by pursuing that elusive dream. The show takes all your insecurities and worries about whether you should be doing what you’re doing, and celebrates them as the badges of honour they really are while welcoming you to this all-inclusive gang where everyone, well 98% of us, really are welcome. Brilliant stuff.
— Matt Holt, Award Winning Director