Alexa and Katie met in the waiting room of a commercial casting. After bonding over feminist ideology, having the same agent and being overjoyed that they didn't have to sit in silence for a minute longer, they exchanged numbers and the rest is history! (And conveniently documented in a podcast)


About us

Alexa enjoys true crime podcasts, eating pizza, colour co-ordinating her diary and making up rhymes to make the morning commute more bearable.

Katie likes gin, fantasising about building an outdoor 'catio' for her fluffball of a child Sir Tom Cat Jones and parodying her life through the medium of song.

Follow them on twitter @alexamorden @KatieElinSalt and instagram @alexa_morden @katieelinsalt

If you're a casting director/director/producer/someone with the power to give Alexa or Katie an acting job and want to check them out (in a professional way, not in a tinder way), Spotlight links are below!

Alexa and Katie perfectly deliver what life is like for most actors with knowledge and charm. This podcast is the real deal.
— iTunes review