The 98% is a podcast that will make you laugh, nod along in agreement/frustration, bring you comfort and help remind you that you are not alone in an industry that can, at times, feel impossible.

We started The 98% because we felt that the daily frustrations of being an actor had to be kept under wraps. In the age of social media take over, actors feel like they have to constantly be "on" and any signs of vulnerability or broadcasting the times you're not on set or in a rehearsal room were nowhere to be seen, for fear of being viewed as not a 'proper, working actor.' But with only 2% of actors earning £20,000 a year from acting work that leaves 98% of us with uninspiring day jobs, with less than 24 hours to learn 10 pages of script for an audition, trying to figure out how to pay for our Spotlight subscription and waiting for the phone to ring...only our stories are never heard. Whilst listening to interviews with actors who are well known can be interesting and inspiring, their stories of the hard times are usually looked back on in hindsight. We are in the thick of the hard graft, laughing and lamenting about the realities of being an actor. Being part of The 98% may mean that we aren't working consistently but there's still a lot of laughs, lessons and value in our experiences...and we're here to share them.

Series 1 episodes

  • S1E01 - Introduction

  • S1E02 - 'Resting Jobs'

  • S1E03 - Agents

  • S1E04 - Mental Health In The Industry*

  • S1E05 - Resilience and Keeping The Faith*

  • S1E06/7 - Auditions*

  • S1E08 - Advice For Graduates

  • S1E09 - Musical Theatre*

  • S1E10 - Special 10th Episode!

  • S1E11 - Drama School

  • S1E12 - Commercial Castings

  • S1E13 - Working For Free*

  • S1E14 - Directors*

  • S1E15 - Being A Woman In The Industry

  • S1E16 - Moving On From Acting*

  • S1E17 - Season Finale
    + Bonus Callback episodes and Tipsy Truth episodes
    *Episodes include interviews with guests and industry professionals

Listen to the individual theme songs we write and perform for each topic covered in episodes here!

guests include:

I don’t recommend you listen on a packed tube train unless you’re happy snorting with laughter, but if you’re in The 98% of actors I DO recommend you listen to this podcast!
— Josh Boyd Rochford, Agent